Coastal Marinas

The promotion of water-based recreation fits within the vision of the integrated management of the coastal areas. In and around the Flemish coastal marinas, sea sailing is flourishing. Sailing schools, sailing enthusiasts, pleasure craft and tourist boat operators all find something here to suit their taste. Anglers, sea scouts, hikers and cyclists too have a great time by the water. Coastal marinas have a tourist-recreational as well as an economic value. In addition, they embellish the seaside resort and enhance, among inhabitants and holiday-makers, the coastal experience as well as the water-based experiences.

The Coastal Division builds and maintains the basic infrastructure in the coastal marinas of Nieuwpoort, Ostend, Blankenberge and Zeebrugge. This means that it constructs docks and maintains the correct depth. It erects quay walls and slopes, as well as slipways, jetties and stairs. It maintains the palisades and the hiking and cycling trails.

Pursuant to the Policy Plan for Water Recreation, Water Sports and Water Tourism, the Coastal Division is a zealous advocate of a concession policy that encourages operators to make all the necessary investments in order to ensure a high-quality operation with an eye for comfort, hygiene and the environment.

All information about the marinas on the Flemish coast can be found in this richly illustrated brochure.