IENC stands for Inland Electronic Navigational Chart. It is an electronic chart that is used for inland navigation. An IENC contains any chart information required for safe navigation on inland waterways and in mixed traffic zones, such as the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. It contains a lot more detail about bridges and locks, for instance, than a maritime ENC. Buoys, traffic signs and other signs that are specific to inland navigation are also charted. 

IENCs are read using an Inland Electronic Chart and Display Information System (ECDIS). The Flanders Hydrography Team produces the IENC charts on the authority of the Shipping Assistance Division of the Agency for Maritime Services and Coast and the Ports of Ghent and Zeebrugge.

The RIS Directive obliges these authorities to make available official charts for waterways of class Va and above, including the ports on such waterways. The commissioning bodies provide all the data that are to be charted. 

The IENC is intended for any inland vessels that travel in this zone and have an Inland ECDIS system on board. The charts can be freely downloaded through the Flemish RIS portal (

E2 - IENC (v2.00)
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